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Why Armed Security Guards May Serve Your Needs Best

Security Guard
If you need one or more security guards, you may be deciding between unarmed or armed security guards. The best way for you to arrive at the right answer for your needs is to understand the differences between unarmed and armed guards.
There are things you can expect from an armed security guard that you wouldn't be offered if you hired unarmed security. You can learn about some of the things that help armed security guards stand out by reading the information here.
Armed Security Guards Are Taken Seriously
Armed security guards are taken more seriously than unarmed ones. There are even common jokes said about unarmed security guards being "rent-a-cops" and "mall babysitters".
While these jokes aren't necessarily true and are disrespectful, they are commonly shared in public discourse. These jokes show just how little respect some people have for security guards who don't carry weapons.
To many criminals, an unarmed security guard isn't much more threatening than a brave person with a cell phone. Since regular citizens can place someone under citizen's arrest, an unarmed guard isn't significantly more threatening than your average citizen.
An armed security guard who has had extra training and carries a weapon they are able to use if necessary will do a much better job of capturing criminal's attention. This threatens criminals and lowers the likelihood of crime occurring.
If crowds don't respect the authority of the security guards hired to protect an area or event, then their presence won't act as much of a deterrent with regards to stopping crimes and other types of mischief.
Armed Security Guards Undergo More Training 
Security guards undergo different amounts and types of training and background checks depending on the type of guard they will be. An unarmed guard who is hired to guard a parking lot goes through minimal training and has a basic background check performed on them.
However, an armed security guard completes more training due to the weapon they carry on the job. They also receive more stringent background checks to verify they don't have felonies or other prior issues with weapons charges, domestic violence arrests, and other disqualifying convictions.
Armed security guards are competent with regards to using their weapon, and their extra training also serves them well in other situations. They are trained in hand to hand combat, properly restraining a criminal, dealing with intoxicated individuals, crisis control, and a variety of other relevant skills.
This extra training decreases the likelihood of an armed security guard needing to use their firearm. In many cases, armed security guards also have other types of weapons, so their firearm is the last one they turn to.
Armed Security Guards Make People Feel Safer
When you hire an armed security guard to protect people, you want the people being protected to feel safe and protected. The presence of armed security often brings assurance and peace-of-mind to those being protected by demonstrating that you care deeply about safety and protection.  
Armed Security Guards Are Multi-Purpose
Armed security guards can be employed for more than armored car protection and guarding a government building. Armed guards can be hired for personal protection, event protection, crowd control, and even business protection.
The wide range of uses for armed security guards enhances their value to you and demonstrates their worth. If you run a business or hold regular events, armed security may be of use to you.
We can help if you need armed security guards for protection, criminal determent, building security, event security, or another type of security. Contact us at Eagle Eye Security now and we can discuss your needs with you and get started on providing you with the type of protection you require.