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Should You Hire Security for Your Upcoming Wedding?

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If you have to ask yourself if you need security to monitor and protect your guests at your upcoming nuptials, then the answer is probably yes. However, if you are unsure whether hiring security personnel for your big day is right for you, use this guide to assist you in making the right decision while planning your wedding.

Does Your Wedding Venue Have an Open Bar?

If you are planning on serving alcohol during your wedding ceremony, then you should consider hiring security guards to watch over your guests while they indulge. This may be especially important if children or minors are also in attendance at your wedding, as some underage people may take advantage of a busy event to try to sneak alcohol.

Consider the people you have invited to your wedding when you think about hiring security: do you have a relative or friend who is known to get rowdy when they drink? Does your significant other have concerns about their own friends over-indulging and making a scene?

To be on the safe side, hire private security to discreetly walk the grounds throughout the festivities of your big day to ensure no one gets out of control.

Do Your Guests Get Along?

Weddings are very emotional and if there are guests who don't get along or who have an issue with you or your soon-to-be-spouse tying the knot, then you want to keep a close eye on any tension that may erupt during your nuptials.

Security personnel patrolling the grounds will help calm guests down so heavy feelings don't go overboard.

If you are worried about the safety of your guests, then you can ask the security company to check each guest upon arrival for weapons, such as knives, guns, or other threatening objects, and confiscate anything suspicious.

Is Your Guest List Large?

Even if you don't plan on having any drama at your wedding, if you have a large guest list, having security on-hand can help protect the many people who will be present to celebrate your big day.

Security isn't just available to ensure your guests remain cooperative and pleasant throughout your event, security can also assist guests in parking, getting to and from their vehicles, and leaving your venue at the end of your reception without issue. Speak to a security company about your guest size and the type of venue you are using for your wedding to determine how much live security you need.

Are You Worried About Wedding Crashers?

A wedding is a celebration you want to share with family and friends, not strangers. If you are hosting your wedding at a hotel, restaurant, or another type of easy-access venue, then strangers can simply walk into your event and take part in your nuptials without your knowledge.

If wedding crashers are a serious concern of yours, then hire security personnel to check each guest at the door. This way anyone who is not on your list of guests will be brought to your attention so you can approve their attendance at your wedding or send the person on their way.

Your wedding is one of the biggest events of your life and you want the entire ceremony and reception to go off without a hitch. Hiring security for your wedding is not unheard of and can be an ideal solution for all your concerns.

A representative for a security company will help you plan the type of security you need and what times you need security. Our team of security personnel are highly trained in safety and can help make your large event much more enjoyable. Make an appointment with Eagle Eye Security today.