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Hiring Security for School and After-School Events


The next time your school is having an event, you may want to consider acquiring on-site security. Even if your school already has security staff at hand, it never hurts to have a professional team helping out.

Unfortunately, school events have become more dangerous over the past decade, and a need for dedicated security has emerged. Here are just a few reasons why having a security presence for school events can help.

Security Guards Can Deter Problems

Visible security guards don't just resolve issues when they occur; they also deter them. Kids are far less likely to create any issues if they can see security guards around. Though most children or teens would just be considering harmless pranks, these pranks can also distract adults and staff members from other, more dangerous actions. 

Though a school may not have armed guards, security guards are trained to carry weapons; some of them are even off-duty police officers. Because they can be perceived as more serious than ordinary school guards, security guards can be even more intimidating.

Security Guards Improve the Perception of Safety

Security guards don't just make an event safer; they also make the safety obvious. Parents and students alike may be understandably nervous about school events, given the amount of school- and event-related violence.

These same parents and students are likely to feel safer in an event that is highly secured. Consequently, security can improve the overall engagement of students and parents in events, increasing event attendance.

Security Guards Can Respond Quickly

Security guards are professionally trained, highly skilled, and highly capable. They are able to quickly respond to a variety of emergencies, thereby reducing the amount of damage that the emergency actually does. They are not simply an intermediary to the police; not only can they call the police when they feel it is necessary, but they can also take action while waiting for the police to arrive.

Security Guards Provide Additional Eyes

Security guards aren't only looking out for danger. Guards can look for general mischief, such as graffiti, as well as students who may be sneaking off. For events that are larger, security guards offer an extra set of eyes that can be used to make sure that students are behaving and that they aren't engaging in behavior that isn't allowed by the school. If your event is short on chaperones, security guards can fulfill this vital role. 

Security Guards Can Collect Evidence

Security guards don't just stop crimes; they can also provide witness testimony in the event that a crime does happen. Not only can security guards provide statements, but they can review security tapes, look through security monitoring systems, and ensure that security as a whole has not been breached.

Sometimes, a security incident is going to happen. When it does, the school needs to be able to determine exactly what happened, when and where it happened, and who was the perpetrator. At an event, many teachers and kids are going to be distracted; they may not be able to provide the appropriate information.

Comparatively, guards are trained to think and retain information under pressure and may be able to give more accurate information regarding what happened during an incident.

Ultimately, security is important for the same reason insurance is important; hopefully, you won't need it, but if you do, you'll be grateful you had it. Though you may have your own internal security team, they are more likely to be absorbed by day-to-day tasks, rather than the event itself.

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